What to Do During an Emergency Situation

Even if air travel is deemed safe and every safety measure has been undertaken, accidents may still happen as airplanes are still man-made objects defying the laws of gravity and susceptible to nature's wrath. Anything can still happen especially during take off and landing. This is the reason why you have cabin crew members on board, so incase the unfortunate happens, they are able to get you off the ill-fated aircraft blemish free as much as possible in less than 90 seconds.

Safety is indeed a two-way thing, it also needs the cooperation of passengers. Your cabin crew can only do so much, especially when one becomes too unruly or hard headed. Despite us being used to seeing the safety demo and being briefed all the time about the emergency exit doors, we tend to forget things during an actual situation. So here are very important reminders what to do when the unthinkable happens.
  1. Stay calm and do not panic as much as possible. Keep your presence of mind.
  2. Remember each and every safety instructions like what to do incase of a water landing and all.
  3. LISTEN AND OBEY YOUR CABIN CREW AND DO NOT ACT UPON YOUR OWN INSTINCTS! Doing so may even put the lives of others in danger!
  4. Assess the situation outside. Report any danger or unusual thing you see right away to your flight attendants.
  5. Do not open the emergency exit on the side where there is a fire.
  6. LEAVE ALL YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS DURING A QUICK EMERGENCY EVACUATION! Your personal belongings can be replaced. You can never replace a life! Taking your items from the overhead bins will delay evacuation and every second counts during these times. It may also puncture the emergency slides.
  7. Avoid taking videos or live videos of whats happening as it may distract you from giving your full attention to your cabin crew. There's no need to also show the world what's happening. 
  8. Upon exiting the aircraft, run as far as you can especially if there is smoke or flames.
  9. Please do take note that there are flight attendants who will block certain exits. Do not push them out of the way to exit there. It means exiting there will just pose more danger. 
  10. Do not shout or scold them when they raise their voice especially when they shout "emergency, bend down" and "brace for impact" repeatedly. It's part of their job.
  11. Never ever argue with them during an emergency evacuation. Just follow them. They have simulated all sorts of emergency situations that may possibly happen.
  12. Never inflate your life jackets while inside the aircraft. It may push you to the ceiling when water enters the cabin, hampering your ability to exit.

During an emergency, the cabin crew has to get everyone out in less than 90 seconds. Every second counts. Also, please do read the safety cards and study them. Do always pray for a safe flight but also be prepared for the unexpected.

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