Guide to Airline and Airport Workers on the Community Quarantine Period in NCR

To contain the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the Philippine government declared a Community Quarantine in the National Capital Region (NCR) where all movements in and out of the region will be restricted, including air, land, and sea domestic travel. There are many airline crew, employees, and personnel who works in NAIA but reside outside the region.

Photo credits: Gary Sato
Some are worried about going to work or reporting to their flight duties, while some still have plenty of questions. Hence, here are the guidelines for airport and airline employees reporting to and from NAIA:
  • To implement a general community quarantine, people are prohibited from entering and leaving a contained area, except: health workers, authorized government officials, those traveling for medical or humanitarian reasons, persons transiting to the airport for travel abroad, workers providing basic services and public utilities, and essential skeletal workforce (source: CNN Philippines). Air transport is a public utility.
  • If you are residing outside of Metro Manila but work in NAIA or within the region, you will be allowed to enter and exit provided that you present proof of employment at the border checkpoints. So please do be ready to present your airline/airport IDs.
  • You are exempted from the imposed curfew from 8:00pm to 5:00am if you are reporting to and from your duty. The curfew does not cover all essential travel and this includes movement to and from the workplace.
  • We suggest that you allocate more travel time to the airport or airline office in the event of checks at border checkpoints.
  • If it is not necessary, do not go elsewhere but home if you are coming from a flight or duty.
Last but not least, let us cooperate with our authorities in order to put the spread of the COVID-19 to an end. Do not forget to always sanitize and to practice social distancing.

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