How PAL Cleans and Disinfects its Aircraft Cabin to Ensure Virus-Free Environment

Some say that the cabin is the dirtiest. Well, that holds true for an airline that does not properly and meticulously ensure the cleanliness of the passenger cabin and even the cargo hold. In a time of an outbreak like the COVID-19 epidemic, cleanliness is everything as it prevents the spread of the virus and it ensures the protection of all passengers on board.

Photo credits: Cielo Villaluna
For Philippine Airlines (PAL) where the safety and protection of passengers is a top priority, cleanliness is very important after every flight. As such, PAL aircraft cleaners carries out intensified disinfection procedure by making use of high-grade industrial disinfectants.

Photo credits: Cielo Villaluna
Ground workers make use of high grade industrial fluids on every exposed part of the cabin like the seats, armrests, seatbelts, overhead stowage compartments, metal surfaces, tray tables, seatback IFE screens, and windows to name a few.

Photo credits: Cielo Villaluna

PAL ensures an intensive cleaning process for their aircraft after every flight, including the use of stronger cleaning agents to wipe and clean cabin surfaces such as tray tables, windows and inflight entertainment screens. In the event that an aircraft is used to fly to an identified higher-risk area, PAL employs an even more rigorous cleaning process to ensure that the assigned aircraft is thoroughly disinfected after returning to home base.
Photo credits: Cielo Villaluna
All PAL aircraft are equipped with special HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters and air circulation systems that constantly refresh the air on board and have been proven to protectively filter and protect against most coronaviruses. As a result, the cabin air environment is considered safer than other public spaces with no special filtration systems. 
Photo credits: Cielo Villaluna
Nothing is missed out. Galleys, lavatories, flooring, cargo hold and even passenger luggage go through disinfection processes to ensure that every part of the aircraft which the passenger and crew comes in contact with are virus free.

For PAL, the safety of the passengers and crew do not only mean smooth and trouble free flights, but a clean and virus free aircraft as well. In a time when people fear that the aircraft cabin is a very dirty place, PAL ensures that every passenger are in safe and clean environment, and all these are proof to that commitment. 

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