Lets Not Forget to Thank and Pray for Our Airline Crew and Personnel

The fight against the COVID-19 crisis is a joint effort between many. These are the Doctors, Medical workers, health workers, Nurses, Police, Military Men, the Airline people, land transportation people, all those who work to ensure that the flow of goods does not stop, and of course, the people, basically everyone! That being said, let us not forget to pray for our people in aviation, and lets thank them too.

Photo credits: Yvanne Fernandes
Lets pray for our pilots who fly those huge airplanes in order to bring back Filipinos and to ferry stranded foreign nationals or OFWs back to their work place.

Lets pray for our flight attendants' safety and health as they ensure the safety of all passengers and attend to their needs on board the aircraft.

Let us pray for our ground crew and airport staff as they attend to the passengers in the terminal in the face of travel restrictions around the world causing many passengers to get stranded. We pray for their health too.

Lets pray for our aircraft mechanics, engineers, and maintenance people as they work to ensure that all the aircraft that will carry our passengers and cargo are in perfect and safe conditions.

Lets pray for our ramp people, our cargo loaders, ground handlers, and all those who work in the ramp ensuring that all cargo are properly loaded unto the aircraft in order to keep the flow of goods moving amidst this enhanced community quarantine. We include also those who guide the aircraft and move them in the ground ensuring that each aircraft are well guided on the ground.

We pray for our air traffic controllers as they guide all aircraft safely around each airspace, being the extra eyes for our pilots on the ground and of course, in the air.

We also pray for our ticketing agents who are working round the clock to ensure that all affected passengers are rebooked or are refunded amid the successive flight cancellations and disruption brought by different travel bans or restrictions.

Lets continue to pray for their safety and health.

We would like to thank all the people in aviation for your dedication and resolve to ensure everyone's safe travels and to bring home people during this time of the COVID-19 crisis now grappling the world.

Most of all, lets continue to also pray for the whole airline industry to rise back after this crisis is placed under control

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