NAIA runway is now an aircraft parking lot

The Philippines has been placed under an Enhanced Community Quarantine for almost a month to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (CoviD-19). This resulted to the restriction of domestic flights in the Luzon region, Cebu, and Davao, meaning, local airlines are not allowed to mount domestic flights to and from airports in these places.

Photo credits: Gene Michael Gaw II

Local airlines were then forced to ground majority of their aircraft. Budget airline Cebu Pacific has suspended all its passenger flights while maintaining cargo operations. Philippine Airlines is maintaining only certain international flights. Philippines AirAsia has gradually cancelled all its domestic and international flights.

This resulted to a lot of aircraft being parked, almost turning the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) into an aircraft parking lot. Runway 13/31 is no longer usable for the moment as aircraft are already parked there. The limited space around the terminal complex has forced airlines to park their aircraft on runway 13/31.

​NAIA runway 06/24 is now the only usable one.

Check these photos from Gene Michael Gaw II and Kit Agad.

Runway 13/31 is no longer usable since aircraft are parked there already. Photo credits: Kit Agad

Photo credits: Gene Michael Gaw II

Photo credits: Gene Michael Gaw II

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