PAL's Precautionary Measures to Prevent COVID-19 Contamination

Airlines around the world are undertaking detailed measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus among its passengers. From passenger screening, documentation, and aircraft disinfection, airlines are doing all to ensure the safety and health of all passengers. Philippine Airlines (PAL) puts a huge premium on the health and safety of their passengers as well amid the COVID-19 epidemic.

We now share you PAL's preventive and precautionary measures to promote a healthy and safe travel amidst the ongoing COVID-19 situation.
  1. ​Thorough cleaning of aircraft - PAL ensures an intensive cleaning process for their aircraft after every flight, including the use of stronger cleaning agents to wipe and clean cabin surfaces such as tray tables, windows and inflight entertainment screens. In the event that an aircraft is used to fly to an identified higher-risk area (e.g., the occasional repatriation flights to mainland China), PAL employs an even more rigorous cleaning process to ensure that the assigned aircraft is thoroughly disinfected after returning to home base.  
  2. Refreshing and filtering of cabin air - All PAL aircraft are equipped with special HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters and air circulation systems that constantly refresh the air on board and have been proven to protectively filter and protect against most coronaviruses. As a result, the cabin air environment is considered safer than other public spaces with no special filtration systems. 
  3. Screening and thermal scanning of passengers – The airline actively coordinates with health authorities at the airports we fly in the implementation of pre-departure screening procedures, as well as in the thermal scanning of passengers to screen out those who exhibit symptoms of illness. PAL has temporarily suspended the issuance of digital boarding passes, so that passengers who check in online receive only confirmation documents and will thus need to secure the final boarding passes at the check-in counters where they may be subjected to further precautionary health screening. 
  4. Precautions while inflight – PAL cabin crew members are authorized to wear face masks on board as added protection. Face masks are also provided to passengers upon request. PAL is also taking other precautionary steps, including the removal of inflight reading material and changes in inflight service on certain flights. The cabin crew is also trained and equipped with protocols to handle cases of unwell passengers.
  5. Continued information campaign at the airports and on board flights – PAL continues to circulate information and advice to promote sensible safety practices for our travelers. 
  6. Cancellation of flights to areas covered by health travel restrictions – The airline has cancelled all flights to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and has issued travel limitations to South Korea in compliance with strict government-imposed travel restrictions.
  7. Coordinated health reporting system – PAL cooperates fully with a robust system of reporting any medical concerns, including the distribution of health locator forms onboard flights, in collaboration with concerned health authorities and the Philippine Bureau of Quarantine.
All these measures ensure safe and Coronavirus-free PAL flights regardless if you travel to domestic or international flights.

At the same time, PAL is simply one of many airlines who are undertaking strict preventive measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among passengers and travellers.

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