Beautiful Filipinas in the World of Aviation

Last March, the world celebrated "International Women's Month", which was basically all about women empowerment. However, the Coronavirus CoviD-19 news and crisis was fast spreading that many focused their attention to what was happening. This will not stop us though from giving our women in aviation recognition for what they have contributed to the industry.

We now show you 22 beautiful Filipinas in the field of aviation who have really dedicated themselves in helping make air transportation a very safe and comfortable way of travel. We also encourage more women to join this field which knows no gender preference.

Right now, only 7% of pilots are women and we would also like to empower more women to pursue your dreams to fly.

​We now give tribute to our women in aviation, shown in no particular order!
CRISTINA DECENA, Alphaland Aviation First Officer Pilot
HANNAH LACSAMANA, AirAsia Flight Attendant
SHAINE BUHAT, Cebu Pacific Flight Attendant
JOCELYN UY GONZAGA, Philippine Airlines Flight Purser
KATHRINE VENTURA, AirAsia Flight Attendant
CHEZKA GONZALES GARRIDO, AirAsia First Officer Pilot
JANE GREWAL, Air Canada Flight Attendant
AIANA KATRINA MENDOZA, SaudiGulf Airlines Flight Attendant
PATRISHA MARTINEZ, AirAsia Flight Attendant
AIDA.VILLEGAS, Emirates NAIA Ground Crew
KAROLYN DONDOYANO, Qatar Airways Flight Attendant
BEA ECLARINAL, Cebu Pacific Flight Attendant
NEL MARIE ORTIZ, Cebu Pacific Flight Attendant
JESSA MANGUBAT, Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant
NICOLE ANN BAUTISTA, Hong Kong Cargo Pilot
ROSELYN EVARDO, Air Asia Flight Attendant
LYCA MAKINO, Air Asia Flight Attendant
JEN BARANGAN, Cebu Pacific Flight Attendant

KRISAMEL TAYAG, Cebu Pacific Flight Attendant
WAHINI MOANA, Republic Airlways Flight Attendant
Nothing indeed comes close to the beauty of Filipinas in aviation and we hope more women would join the colorful world of the aviation industry!

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