Emirates Conducts On-Spot CoviD-19 Tests on Passengers Before Boarding

Emirates have started conducting rapid tests for CoviD-19 on passengers right before boarding their flights. This rapid testing via a blood test is conducted in the airport right before a passenger travels. The results are out in 10 minutes. The first tests began in an Emirates flight from Dubai to Tunisia last Wednesday. It is also the very first airline to conduct such tests.

This rapid testing is to ensure that all passengers travelling on Emirates flights are free of CoviD-19 which will be beneficial for both the airline and passengers. All passengers tested prior to the Dubai to Tunisia flight are coronavirus free. As such, the airline is looking to scale-up its testing to be extended to other flights. It also said that this rapid testing results can be used for confirmation by Emirates passengers travelling to countries that require CoviD-19 clearances.
Photo credits: Emirates

This is not the only change at Emirates. The airline now requires all its passengers to wear a face mask from boarding and throughout the flight. The airline also removed in-flight magazines and carry-on luggage are no longer permitted, just small items like hand bags.

The global aviation industry has took a strong hit from the CoviD-19 pandemic. The IATA estimates that the airline industry may lose up to $314 billion in passenger revenue. In order to restore confidence in air travel once again, airlines are now applying major changes that minimizes the risk of transmission of the coronavirus on passengers and the crew.

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