Emirates Mounts Three Flights to Manila to Ferry Filipinos from the UAE

Emirates has announced that it is operating three additional flights from Dubai to Manila to ferry Filipinos from the UAE back to the Philippines. These special flights will commence on April 20, 22, and 24, according to a report from Gulf News UAE. This follows two previous Emirates flights from the Dubai to Manila bringing home Filipinos.

Photo credits: Wikimedia
A source at the Filipino diplomatic community has said that a huge number of Filipino expats are seeking to be repatriated too.

The special Emirates flight will only carry Filipinos / Philippine-passport holders, and those who meet the Philippine entry requirements as the entire region of Luzon and Cebu are placed under a government imposed enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) is order to stop the spread of the CoviD-19. The directive includes travel restrictions which have forced all Philippine-based carriers to temporarily suspended both regular domestic and international scheduled flights.

All passengers will have to comply with all government-imposed requirements for entry to the Philippines under the ECQ.

In order to further avoid any CoviD-19 contamination on board, Emirates will serve a modified inflight meal that diminishes direct contact with the cabin crew. Passengers are also obligated to wear face masks at the airport and throughout the duration of the flight.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi-based Etihad has announced the resumption of its Manila flights beginning April 5.

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