Firm Designs Post-Coronavirus Seats for Aircraft

A firm named Avioninteriors have designed seats that will make passengers feel safe from the Coronavirus after travel restrictions have been lifted. The company claims that it can deliver the new seat design with as little as six months and two months for a less complex seat design.

Glassafe. Photo from Avioninteriors

In a report from FlightGlobal, Avioninteriors created two designs. The less complex one is called "Glassafe" which is basically a bubble of transparent material that encases the head and shoulders of a passenger. Designed for retrofit into existing cabins, the modification is a “quicker, cheaper and less invasive” solution.

The second and more complex one is called "Janus" and this features a reversed second seat or the center one in a row of three seats. Avioninteriors says that this design gives passengers more isolation when seated next to each other. A clear plastic screen further provides protection given already the seat layout.

The Janus design also provides extra privacy despite the degree of complexity given in the design, says Paul Drago, chief executive of Avioninteriors. 

Additionally, the design would not occupy more space than a conventional forward facing configuration while not interfering with escape regulations or requiring deep cuts in overall capacity.

Janus. Photo credits: Avioninteriors.
However, the seats on the exit row must maintain the traditional forward facing configuration in order to meet regulatory requirements.

The Janus design can be made available in less than six months should there be sufficient demand for the product.

Aviointeriors has filed patent applications for both designs, which are suitable for narrow- and widebody aircraft.

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