Only 1.7% of the World's A380s are Presently Operating

Out of 239 Airbus A380s in service, only 4 of them are currently operational, a report from FlightGlobal shows. This translates to a mere 1.7% of the total A380s in service today. Its American counterpart, the Boeing 747 jumbo, has 17 of them operating worldwide, or about 10% of 747s operational today, including the latest 747-8I.

Based on the study, a total of 22,013 commercial aircraft are grounded worldwide. 

The best performing widebody aircraft today are the Boeing 777, 787, and the Airbus A350 with 33.2%, 37.4%, and 36.3% of the total world fleet operating today respectively. 

As for narrowbody aircraft, the most active are the Boeing 737NG in which 45.2% or 2,924 of the total operational fleet are still active. Around 2,407 Airbus A320 CEOs are presently operating, making 33.4% of the total fleet. As for the A320NEO, there are 508 presently flying while 60.1% of them remain parked.

Airlines still operating A380s as of this April are China Southern, Qatar Airways, and Lufthansa. 

The CoviD-19 crisis have forced the airlines to park majority of their aircraft and drastically cut capacity due to the abrupt drop in air passenger demand brought by government imposed travel restrictions and other factors. Majority of the world's airlines have cut passenger capacity by more than 90%. Some airlines have also used their passenger aircraft as full freighters, carrying medical essentials and other necessary items.

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