PAL Flies the World Bringing Home Filipinos Amidst Pandemic

In times of crisis and trouble, you may always count on Philippine Airlines (PAL) to repatriate Filipinos, bringing them home to the motherland. Today, another PAL Airbus A330-300 departed Manila on the wee hours of the morning to head out to Male or the Maldives, not for some sun and sea, but to repatriate Filipinos who are yearning to come home.
Photo credits: Wikimedia

Soon, a PAL flight will be departing Manila for Milan to fly back Filipinos to the Philippines. Lately, PAL has been busy flying repatriation flights left and right. Just yesterday, a PAL flight headed out to London ferrying back British nationals and returning carrying Filipinos.

While all their regular scheduled international passenger and domestic flights remain suspended, PAL continues to operate repatriation and all-cargo flights. Since March 24, PAL has operated flights to Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London, Auckland, and a few Asian destinations, all bringing home Filipinos.

​PAL has always played a huge role in repatriating Filipinos, even from countries not in their destination list, even during times of war or civil unrest. In 1991, Philippine Airlines repatriated Filipinos from the Gulf area during Operation Desert Storm. In 2014, PAL brought home Filipinos from Libya during the time of a civil war in Libya. The Filipinos were brought back from Malta to Manila. These are just two of those countless moments when PAL stood up amidst dangerous events to fly back Filipinos.

​As the world is at war with CoviD-19, PAL takes extra precautionary measures to ensure the safety of every flight. The airline provides Personal Protective Equipment for their flight attendants to ensure their safety. The airline also adheres to strict government-imposed safety protocols.

We salute PAL for always being there for the Filipinos, anytime and anywhere in the world.

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