PAL Operates More Domestic Sweeper Flights to Ferry Stranded Foreign Nationals to Manila

Philippine Airlines (PAL) today operated 13 domestic sweeper flights to fly stranded foreign nationals and tourists from different parts of the Philippines to Manila. From there, PAL will be operating special flights to Canada and Australia to ferry back Canadians and Australians respectively.

Photo credits: Cielo Villaluba / Mark Bagatua
Australian nationals from the sweeper flights will then be flown on special flights from Manila to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The 5th batch of Canadian nationals and permanent residents who were part of the domestic sweeper flights will be flown back to Canada on PAL special flights to Toronto and Vancouver. Just last April 14, PAL operated three flights to Canada to fly back its stranded nationals and permanent residents.

PAL will also be operating a special flight to Auckland to ferry back New Zealand permanent residents and New Zealanders.

For the past few days and weeks, PAL has been on the forefront operating special international flights from its hubs in Manila and Cebu to fly back stranded foreign nationals and to fly Filipinos and Philippine permanent residents back to the Philippines.

Photo credits: Cielo Villaluna / Mark Bagatua

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