AirAsia is Airbus' second biggest customer with 592 historic orders

AirAsia has been ranked as the second biggest customer of European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. It ranked 2nd next to the India-based budget carrier IndiGo.

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The ranking which was tallied by Simple Flying shows that AirAsia Malaysia has a historic order of 592 aircraft, historic delivery of 230 aircraft, and currently operating 245 Airbus jets. Its predecessor which is IndiGo has a historic order of 830 Airbus jets.

Other airlines that made it to the top 10 biggest Airbus customers are Lufthansa with 519 historic orders, easyJet with 480, Delta Airlines with 401, Wizz Air with 388, China Eastern Airlines with 374, Jetblue Airways with 348, China Southern Airlines with 284, and Turkish Airlines with 273 historic orders.

AirAsia also has a pending order of 395 Airbus NEO jets which include 353 A321neo and 42 A320neo.

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