Lufthansa Pilots Offer to Give-Up 45% of Salary to Help Airline

In the wake of the CoviD-19 crisis, Lufthansa pilots have offered to take a 45% cut in their salaries for two years in exchange of job security, their union Vereinigung Cockpit said. This pay cut which will affect around 10,000 pilot jobs, is to be able to help the airline as it manages costs in order to navigate through the crisis.

Photo credits: Lufthansa
In a report from FlightGlobal, the union says the partial waiving of salaries and an additional reduction of current short-term work pay will together deliver savings of €350 million ($374 million) over a two-year term to 30 June 2022. In return, In return, Vereinigung Cockpit demands that the airline is committed to its employees and does “everything possible to overcome the crisis together in a social partnership”.

In March, the union and the airline agreed to shorter working time for pilots which would be able to cut 50% in flightcrew costs. However, the union believes that this arrangement was not enough to bring the airline through this crisis with an uncertain length.

Union president Markus Wahl said, "The pilots of Lufthansa…are committed to their responsibility. Therefore, in addition to a short-term additional reduction in short-time work benefits, we have offered the Group Management Board a significant reduction in wage costs until June 30, 2022. For the individual pilot, this means a salary that is up to 45% lower than in previous years."

Wahl also said that pilots would not shy away from “painful cuts”, but adds: “It is important that the jobs are preserved and protection against dismissal is agreed.”

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