Lufthansa to retire all A340-600s, to shrink fleet by 100 aircraft

The Lufthansa group is looking to reduce its fleet by slashing 100 out of its 760 total aircraft given the present CoviD-19 crisis which has caused a plummet of global air travel demand. This includes all its Airbus A340-600 jets.

In a meeting with shareholders like May 5, Lufthansa chief executive Carsten Sphor did talk about the fleet downsizing without any specifics. He said, "All of the airlines in the Lufthansa Group will be downsized. Older, less environmentally friendly aircraft will be phased out of the fleet earlier than originally planned."

In a report from Airline Watch, Lufthansa will be decommissioning all its 17 Airbus A340-600 from its fleet. Its subsidiary Eurowings will retire 10 A320-200 jets. No other details were provided on the rest of the number.

Last month however, Lufthansa announced the retirement of six Airbus A380s, seven A340-600s, five Boeing 747-400s, and eleven A320-200s.

Sphor also announced the further restructuring of the group following the closure of Germanwings in the next two years. "In the future, we will be flying with a maximum of 10 airlines. We will continue to bundle and expand our tourism segment when the restart comes. We were already doing so before the crisis and there will be a greater increase in demand here than for business travel after the crisis. Within the framework of this process, we will be merging the four airlines that have been operating our Eurowings long-haul routes into a single new tourist airline," Sphor said.

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