NAIA readies for resumption of flights with new safety guidelines in place

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) is now preparing the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for the resumption of commercial flights tentatively set on May 16 or once air travel restrictions are lifted. As such, the NAIA will be carrying-out guidelines issued by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) for the "new normal" in all international and domestic airports in the country.

Photo credits: C. Wilson/PFN
The new guidelines are all for the purpose of preventing the spread of CoviD-19. These include the mandatory use of face masks all the time inside airport facilities, mandatory temperature check, and the observance of social distancing.

Floor markers will be placed to facilitate social distancing in queues and a "one seat apart" policy shall be strictly enforced.

In a statement from the MIAA, general manager Ed Monreal has directed for the installation of acrylic barriers in all check-in counters and help desks in the four NAIA Terminals. As of press time, 57 check-in counters now have acrylic barriers in Terminal 1. Work is still in progress. MIAA is working double time to complete installation in all the 330 check-in counters in the four Terminals.

Disinfection procedures of all facilities especially those used for flight operations will be carried out on a more frequent basis. These include, among others, aerobridges, baggage conveyors, check-in counters, immigration, customs and other help desks. Disinfection activities are also done extensively on other airport facilities and equipment such as x-ray machines and trays, inspection tables, pushcarts, wheelchairs and other frequently touched surfaces.

Posters showing all safety precautions and health guidelines will be displayed throughout the terminal in noticeable places for everyone's guidance.

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  1. That's great news..but if galing kang à need 14 days quarantine? directly u can go to your town?KC Kung n1 month vacation ka tapos. QUARANTINE k Ng 15 days SA Manila useless Ang BAkasyon naubos lng SA quarantine

    1. Sana nga no need for 14 days quarantine upon arrival from abroad.

  2. sana yon mY ticket na at hindi nakauwii dahil sa lockdown ang priority. yon Zamboanga to Manila.

  3. sana priority yon may ticket na. zamboanga to Manila apeil19 sana ang flight.

  4. pano pag me kasamang bata pauwi ng Philippines from Singapore?r we allowed to bring our children?


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