PAL flies from Manila to Miami non-stop for the second time

Philippine Airlines once again proves the capability of the Boeing 777-300ER by flying its longest non-stop flight ever, Manila to Miami in Florida, USA, for the second time! Flight PR8112 took off from Manila at 11:23am local time and arrived in Miami at 3:54pm local time.

Photo credits: @mia_aviationsisters

The return flight from Miami back to Manila however carried Filipino seafarers from the Royal Caribbean of the Sea cruise ship. The flight made a technical stop in Los Angeles before flying back to Manila which arrived today at around 5:39am local time based on tracker FlightRadar24.

The distance from Manila to Miami non-stop is beyond the average range of a Boeing 777-300ER which is 13,649 km but PR8112 carried no passengers and tail winds were in favor of the flight which made the trip possible.

Second World's Longest Flight?

Many airlines have tried to push the limits of their aircraft in terms of range by flying more than halfway around the world in an attempt to break records for the world's longest flight, however, the topic on the world's longest flights have been an ongoing debate. 

Some say that the aircraft and airline should fly the same distance and route more than once, some say that only regular scheduled flights should be counted, and some say flying time should be factored in.

While PAL's recent Manila to Miami non-stop flights are special repatriation flights wherein there were no passengers on board for that particular sector, the airline flew the same route using the same type of aircraft twice.

If we are to follow the Great Circle Distance mapper which show the shortest distance between any two points on the surface of a sphere that is measured along a path on the surface of the sphere, Manila to Miami is 14,989 km. 

The world's longest scheduled non-stop flight is Singapore Airlines' from Newark to Singapore utilizing an Airbus A350-900ULR which is 15,344km. This is followed by Qatar Airways' Auckland to Doha utilizing a Boeing 777-200LR which is 14,535km. 

Technically, PAL's recent Manila to Miami flights are the second longest non-stop flights in the world if we will factor in the fact that it flew the same route twice using the same aircraft. However, these were special flights and there were no passengers on board, unlike those of Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways which are regular scheduled flights.

Nevertheless, PAL's PR5112 and PR8112 flights from Manila to Miami non-stop flights are currently the world's longest non-stop flights ever flown by a commercial airline to or from the Philippines. It is also the longest non-stop flight by a Philippine-based carrier. 

However, PAL longest non-stop scheduled flights are its Manila to New York services utilizing an Airbus A350-900. It is also currently the world's 8th longest non-stop scheduled flight.

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