Passengers should prepare for the "new normal"

There will indeed be a lot of changes when commercial flights in the Philippines resume. These changes include new procedures and a lot of added checks, particularly health checks. While we might think that its "easy" to adjust to the new normal, it is actually harder once you are right there.

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There are actually a lot of things you have to get used to under the "new normal" and this is not just about getting to the airport an hour or more earlier than before. Say goodbye to that 1-hour arrival prior to departure, the normal check-in process, and more. Say goodbye also to those regular boarding pass which you simply ask your secretary to print for you.

The "new normal" comes after this CoviD-19 crisis which has really brought down the commercial aviation industry due to the huge drop in travel demand. While there is still no vaccine in place, airlines will do all to avoid any contamination within the flight and terminal.

Here are some tips to prepare you for the "new normal" when aviation restarts:
  1. Get used to technology. Airlines will now go for procedures of less contact between passengers and staff. Online check-in may just be one. Getting acquainted with the new technology may be quite of a challenge especially if you are not the tech savvy type but once you do, you will really feel its benefits, especially its ease of checking-in.
  2. You will now need to be earlier in the airport, like 3 to 4 hours earlier than the departure time. Again, there will be a lot of health checks so please be ready for this.
  3. Learn to organize your documents as not to delay process flow. With the new norm, there may be new documents required especially for international travel prepare them in a way that when something is required, you know where to find them.
  4. You will have to learn to travel light. Flight attendants may no longer even be allowed to assist you in the lifting of your luggage unto the overhead compartment of the aircraft to maintain a certain distance. As far as we know, the maximum weight of carry-on items was brought down to 2 kgs. So we just highly recommend that you hand carry essential items like for business travel, your laptop. For leisure, at least a small bag that fits like travel documents, medicines, and just a very few extra clothes.
  5. Always be wary of signs in the airport. Know also all other details like dos and don'ts, changes in procedures, etc.
  6. Get use to maintaining distance from the next person. Social distancing must be observed at all times.Airport authorities will be extra strict so please do obey them. As far as we know, there will be markers in the floor so please do follow those.
So as early as now, get yourself prepared by reading all about the new normal. You may always check the websites of the airlines for information. You may also visit the NAIA and DOTr Facebook pages as everything are detailed there.

Dapat laging handa!

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