Philippine Airlines flies from Manila to Miami, its longest ever non-stop flight

Philippine Airlines has demonstrated the capabilities of a Boeing 777-300ER by flying it non-stop from Manila to Miami, perhaps making this the longest non-stop flight to Miami and even PAL's longest recorded non-stop flight. The flight took around 16 hours 20 minutes.

The aircraft, Boeing 777-300ER with registry RP-C7772. Photo credits: RM Bulseco

Flight PR5112 from Manila to Miami enjoyed favorable tail winds and was virtually empty as this was a repatriation flight to bring home Filipino seafarers from Miami. However, the return flight will be full of passengers and the aircraft will be making a tech stop in Los Angeles LAX before flying back to Manila. 

PR5112 flying over Miami. Photo credits: Abigail Martinez

The Boeing 777-300ER is said to have an average range of 7,370 miles, however, the distance from Manila to Miami is around 9,314 miles. PAL's present Manila to New York JFK non-stop flight covers a distance of 8,491 miles which utilizes an Airbus A350-900.

The cabin crew of the special PAL Miami flight. They will be geared up in PPE for the return flight with passengers on board. Photo credits: Abigail Martinez

PAL has been flying to destinations not in its regular flight destinations which include Male (Maldives), Milan in Italy, and now Miami to repatriate Filipinos. While its Manila to Miami was a repositioning flight for its journey to carry passengers from Miami to Manila with a stopover at LAX, this also proves the airline's capability to fly anywhere non-stop given its present fleet of ultra-long haul aircraft such as the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A350-900.

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