PHL carriers getting ready for the resumption of commercial flights on June 1

Philippine-based carriers are getting ready for the resumption of commercial flights on June 1 after the president has approved the recommendation to put Metro Manila under General Community Quarantine status.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) has announced that it is closely coordinating with involved government agencies and authorities as it finalizes its plans for the resumption of flights. The airline however will start on a limited number of domestic and international flights, and shall gradually increase the number of destinations or frequencies depending on air travel demand, health conditions, and travel restrictions at a certain destination.

New protocols at place

PAL, AirAsia, and Cebu Pacific have announced that new protocols for passengers will be implemented as health and safety measures. These include but are not limited to the mandated wearing of face masks from the time passengers enter the airport, throughout the flight, and after they exit the airport at their destination.

Low cost airlines like Cebu Pacific and AirAsia have implemented contactless check-in procedures to minimize human to human interaction. Social distancing while waiting for flights shall also be strictly enforced.

Passenger cooperation is much needed

Even if airlines have greatly prepared for the resumption of commercial flights, it is expected that there will still be a lot of adjustments needed in order to cope to the "new normal". Hence, local airlines requests all passengers to carry extra patience and to cooperate with authorities, airport staff, and airline crew as these new measures are implemented.

Passengers have to understand that all these measures are for their safety and the safety of the airline staff amidst the CoviD-19 pandemic.

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