POLL: What do you think will be the best selling passenger jets after the CoviD-19 crisis

The current Coronavirus pandemic has brought the airline industry to its knees but despite this, many are optimistic that everything will recover and that this crisis will cause the airlines to reboot.

The airline industry is foreseen to recover in yet two to three years, causing many airlines to rethink of their strategies and to come up with new plans. Many airlines are retiring their old fleet and downsizing in order to manage costs.

After this crisis, there will be a "new normal" even when it comes to airline orders where even business models may change.

Considering all the changes we foresee like:
  • Direct flights will now be preferred over those with stopovers
  • Passenger demand may not return to pre-covid numbers for years
  • Managing costs will play a very important role
  • Changes in passenger inflight preferences
  • Risk management strategies incase of another crisis or pandemic/epidemic in the future
which passenger jets do you think will enjoy high sales from the airlines?

You may select more than one answer! Cast your votes below:

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