Singapore Airlines A380s and other planes all holed up in a desert

If there is one thing you would not expect in a patch of dry desert are airplanes. All the more if they are super jumbos like A380s, large ones like 777s, and A320s. Well in a desert named Alice Springs somewhere in Australia are where Singapore Airlines stored some of their aircraft as the coronavirus crisis is taking its toll on the global aviation industry.

Photo credits: Steve Strike Facebook

Four A380s and three 777s are stored there together with some of the aircraft of Singapore Airlines subsidiaries Scoot and Silk Air.

Photographer Steve Strike captured photos of what we can now consider as "the world's most expensive desert" with some $5 billion worth of aircraft parked there. "Some $5billion worth of Aircraft from around the world now being holed up in the desert near Alice Springs due to COVID-19 travel downturn,” Strike said on his Facebook.

Billions of dollars worth of aircraft mothballed in the desert near Alice Springs. I cant imagine the long term effects of this. I don't think anyone has any idea how travel in the world will be in the future.
Posted by Steve Strike on Sunday, May 3, 2020

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