Why you should never stand-up while the fasten seat belt sign is on

It has always been the attitude of many passengers to stand-up right after the aircraft lands and taxis to the parking gate. They do not see the danger of standing-up while the fasten seatbelt sign is switched it which could lead to injuries or even death. Airline policies do state that the fasten seatbelt light has to be followed where we have to remain in our seats until it is switched off.

It is very important to wait for the fasten seatbelt sign to be switched off before standing up from our seats to get our luggage and line-up for the door due to safety reasons. Sadly, many passengers still do defy their flight crew when being instructed to sit down once again.

Honestly, we still do not understand why people do rush to get their luggage right after the aircraft lands. As far as we know, getting off the aircraft is not a marathon where there are podium finishes and trophies to be given away to those who get off the aircraft first.

Here are the reasons why you have to follow the fasten seatbelt sign until it is switched off:
  1. For as long as the tire blocks are not in place, the aircraft can still suddenly move even if no longer in motion. The pilot usually switches off the fasten seatbelt sign once the tireblocks are in place, meaning, there is no risk of a sudden movement that may cause people to be thrown forward and back.
  2. Just because the aircraft goes on a full stop, it does not mean that the tire blocks are on. The aircraft can make a full stop but move again all of a sudden. The sudden movement and stop can throw people standing up in the aisle around, which may cause injury.
  3. Opening the overhead compartment while the aircraft is in motion at the ground can cause luggage to fall off once it finally stops or brakes. This may fall on other passengers and may cause injury.
  4. If incase you get thrown and injured because you stood up while the fasten seatbelt sign is on and despite constant reminders, the airline is not liable for any damage. Hence, you cannot sue them. It's just like hitting a car while beating the red light. Even if you are on the main road, for as long as you beat the red light, you're still at fault.
  5. Trust us, there is no reward for the person who gets off the aircraft first. You still have to wait for your check-in luggage at the carousel. Moreso, the flight attendant will not open the door right at the moment you stand up. So just sit down and relax. You will all get off at the same time.
  6. Buying a plane ticket does not give you any right to defy any set aviation rules and regulations. In fact, a plane ticket subjects you to all Conditions of Carriage, and one of them is that you are obligated to obey all safety procedures and commands.
Your pilots and cabin crew have studied all the safety protocol and policies in detail for months and years. They trained hard just to learn all safety procedures, hence, when they tell you to sit down because the fasten seatbelt sign is on, please do because the flight crew knows that you face the risk of being thrown forward, upward, or wherever.

So please exert a little patience and wait for the captain to say when it is okay to stand and get your luggage. Anyway, you all get off the aircraft at almost the same time. Do not stand to take your luggage from the overhead compartments while the fasten seatbelt sign is on. Your safety is paramount.

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