Airline industry slowly returning as flights climb pass 50,000 a day

It looks like the airline industry is slowly climbing back after "hitting rock bottom". Tracker FlightRadar24 was able to track 50,038 commercial flights last June 18. This is the first time that air traffic has went beyond the 50,000 mark since March 24.

The lowest point was recorded last April 12 at only 23,923 flights that were in the air. 

This is still however lower by more than one-half of what was tracked last June 2019 which was at 126,752 commercial flights. 

In a report from AirlineRatings, the commercial aviation flight activities growth curve is seen to rise from mid-April onward. 

Countries currently opening borders

As countries slowly open their borders and ease restrictions, more airlines begin to add capacity  and destinations. However, it is said that it may take more than 2 years for air travel demand to reach pre-covid levels, this is already a good sign for the airline industry as it begins to restart.

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