Baby born in PAL flight from Dubai to Manila was named after the airline

Remember that story about a baby boy who was born aboard a Philippine Airlines repatriation flight from Dubai to Manila last June 6? He was given the name PALI!

Photo credits: Cielo Villaluna

His name "Pali" is a combination of "PAL" and "Ali", the latter which means "most esteemed" in Arabic.

In a story shared by PAL spokesperson Cielo Villaluna, the flight purser on board that special PR659 flight Daisy Castellano gave the mother a video call. FP Daisy then shared, "I sincerely wanted to know how they’ve been doing so I just sent her a simple "Hi" and good wishes. She answered by sending me a picture of the baby."

Last June 6 on board PR659, FP Daisy and her cabin crew team assisted a passenger give birth on board to a healthy baby boy. The flight also made a medical emergency landing in Bangkok in order to provide immediate medical attention to the mother and the new-born child.

Future PAL pilot?

Well who knows, right? Baby Pali, born on a PAL flight, might be piloting a PAL aircraft 20 years from now! Though its still far from now but its not impossible either! By that time though, the aviation industry will be stronger that before!

Just a question though, are there any PAL pilots or flight attendants today who were born on boad a PAL flight?

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