Boeing 737 MAX begins re-certification test flights with regulators

After a year of being grounded and compounded with test delays, the Beoing 737 MAX begins its crucial certification test flights.

According to Reuters, Boeing is hoping to win approval and rebuild its reputation after fatal crashes that toppled its leaders and grounded the jet worldwide.

The test flight landed at about 2:15pm local time at Boeing Field after a round trip to Eastern Washington. Flown by pilots from Boeing and the US FAA, the test included some maneuvers and a high-speed system test which lasted for about  three hours.

The certification test flights for the 737 MAX is a pivotal moment for Boeing after much delays. Two fatal crashes involving the 737 MAX in Indonesia and Ethiopia had lead to the aircraft's grounding since March 2019.

The FAA said, "We will lift the grounding order only after we are satisfied that the aircraft meets certification standards."

Parked jets for delivery

Once the 737 MAX gains approval from the FAA, Boeing will push itself to deliver around 450 parked aircraft to customers. However with the ongoing coronavirus crisis, it is most likely that these deliveries may be pushed back, and worse, even cancelled.

Just lately, Norwegian Air cancelled a total of 92 Boeing 737 MAX orders. Boeing however said that it is working with Norwegian on a path forward.

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