Lufthansa flight attendants spared from lay-off after airline and union come into agreement

Lufthansa cabin crew can now smile after the airline and the UFO cabin crew union has come into agreement in order to avoid redundancies and lay-offs amongst them. 

Lufthansa group has about 22,000 flight attendants.

The airline has been working with the union on how to handle the current crisis in order to avert a lay-off among its cabin crew situation. 

According to Lufthansa and the UFO cabin crew union, flight attendant jobs will be protected until the end of 2023, however, there will need to be temporary cuts elsewhere in order to ensure that no lay-offs happen. 

The deal

Part of the deal include voluntary measures from the cabin crew, suspension of pay increases, reduction of flight hours, unpaid leaves, and reduced contribution for benefits.

The union's chairman Daniel Flohr said in a press release, "the announced downsizing will not only work without layoffs in the cabin, UFO and Lufthansa are now demonstrating responsible ability to act and act after years of violent arguments. The procedures agreed in January will end, and from now on we will work together on a number of topics that have arisen in the conflict-laden past without any pressure.”

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