Pan Pacific Airlines ready to return to the skies with safety measures in place

Pan Pacific Airlines is getting ready to resume commercial flights with biosecurity measures now at place to prevent the spread of CoviD-19 within the aircraft and at the airport premises.

All these safety measures are in compliance with the guidelines and standards set by civil aviation authorities and the World Health Organization.

Pan Pacific ensures the cleanliness of its aircraft cabins by disinfecting them after every flight. The aircraft is also equipped with HEPA filters witch catches viruses and other contaminants including the coronavirus with a 99.9% efficiency. This is a standard feature in Airbus aircraft.

Passengers required to obey and follow all protocols

Pan Pacific also reminds passengers of the need to follow all protocols under the new normal. These include:
  • The wearing of face masks all the time from the airport to the aircraft and at arrival airport
  • Following path markings to ensure that social distancing is carried out
  • Using the foot bath before boarding the aircraft
  • Follow all airport checks and procedures including submitting self to temperature screening, document checks, and other documents needed to travel.
Pan Pacific cabin crew and flight deck crew are also equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure their heath safety

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