Philippine carriers achieve a 69% increase in week to week capacity growth

The Philippine aviation industry has been ranked as 8th world's highest week-on-week capacity growth, according to RoutesOnline recovery tracker report.

Other countries included in the list are China, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, France, Brazil, India, and Germany. 

The Philippines saw a 69% jump in departure seats from 158,592 last June 8 to 268,044 in June 15. This resulted to an additional 109,452 additional weekly departure seats in just one week.

Drivers include high demand for domestic travel by OFWs and LSI (locally stranded individuals) in order to return to their home provinces.

Good sign of recovery

While local airlines are still running at about 10% to 15% capacity, these numbers are a good sign that the local airline industry is making a recovery after commercial flights resumed last June 1. 

Philippine Airlines is slowly bringing back many of its regular international flights which include London, Sydney, Guam, and other international destinations.

Cebu Pacific on the other hand has increased its number of domestic flights from 8 to 20. The airline continues to increase its domestic capacity while international flights still remain suspended until July 1.

AirAsia Philippines continues to gradually increase its domestic capacity as demand increases and as more local airports are being opened to inbound flights.

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