Avolon cancels 27 Boeing 737 MAX jets on top of previous 75 cancellation

Aircraft lessor Avolon has cancelled 27 more Boeing 737 MAX orders just last Tuesday. This is on top of the 75 cancellations made last April amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a report from Reuters, Avolon said it has reduced its near-term commitments by over 140 aircraft since the start of the year.

The aircraft lessor, which had been due to purchase nine of the 27 MAX jets via sale-and-leaseback deals with airlines, still has 37 MAX jets on order.

Boeing 737 MAX cancellations

So far, a total of 313 orders of 737 MAX jets have been cancelled, comprising of 80% of the total number of aircraft cancellations for the year as of July 4. This excludes the recent 27 order cancellation of Avolon. Its rival, the Airbus A320 has recorded 29 order cancellations.

BOC Aviation last week said it had canceled an order for 30 MAX jets while Norwegian Air canceled orders for 92.

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