Steeeve Dailisan's heartfelt farewell message and video

We all followed his story from being a GMA news reporter with that familiar "Steeeeeeeeve Dailisan" to becoming a pilot and then eventually flying for Cebu Pacific. Many of his and GMA's followers were very happy for him after he achieved his dream.

Credits: Steve Fabella Dailisan Facebook

More than just becoming a pilot, he used his journalism background to inspire future aviators and to educate people about the world of aviation by creating his own YouTube channel. However, this coronavirus pandemic struck the world including the aviation industry with devastating effect.

Cebu Pacific had to downsize and do the unthinkable. Steeeve was not exempted from getting laid-off.

Here is what he said in his Facebook page post:

When something bad happens, usually the inevitable, I would remember my late mommy lola saying, "Nobody likes it."

When the pandemic took a big blow in our lives I never thought that it would hit me hard. As a news person, I thought I've witnessed too many bad times.

In January of this year, I was released as First Officer after some grueling months of training. Finally! I said to myself, it's time to reap all the hardwork and again, be the solid rock for my family. Only to realize it would be the shortest stint in my entire professional career. In a matter of 10 months, I lost it. COVID19 stole the very heart or my dream-flying.

Credits: Steve Fabella Dailisan Facebook

But like I always do, I prepare for the worst. Sometime June, I felt depressed. Nevertheless I started to figure things out. I updated my resume and wrote a number of application letters. Still hopeful, I prayed for an accepting heart and a mind that is filled with enthusiasm to move on.

So when I was told in a video conference that I only have until August this year with my present company, I just thanked God. I assured my family and friends that everything will be ok. The road to recovery wasn't easy though. Sleepless nights and the feeling of emptiness took over my usual happy state of mind. Each morning and before I go to bed, I'd tell myself, "Steeeve, you did everything you can and this is just way above you." Until one morning, I realized it's time to look forward to new beginnings.

It's a shortlived moment but I will always treasure the opportunity given by Cebu Pacific. I will be forever grateful to everyJUAN I've flown with. Ultimately, its a humbling experience.

I will have to rest my golden wings for a while to chart a new destination elsewhere.

It's a difficult time to be a source of inspiration but believe there will always be a BRIGHT NEW DAY. This is just a step back, not a setback.

And to you who's reading this lengthy post, just keep going. If you lost something or someone during this crucial time, cry for a while. Mourn if you must. Let it all out. Have that one last cry and then, move on. Don't rush in trying to find the meaning in all of these but learn to move forward as quickly as you can. At the end of the day, we should just trust God's plan. I am.
This definitely will not be the end, rather the beginning of bigger dreams. I am certain, we will continue our quest to reaching the skies to be with our stars! For now, I only have to say, FLY WITH YOU SOON.

Steve, you have inspired a lot and may you continue to still inspire our future aviators! We can't wait to see you back in the skies when all this is over. Stay strong and we hope to fly with you, kap!

Watch Steve's temporary farewell and thank you video here:

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