AirAsia Philippines to require passengers to wear face shields with face masks on board

Philippines AirAsia will begin implementing a policy that requires all its passengers to wear face shields on board beginning August 15 amid a government directive that require face shields when using public transportation.

The use of face shields is in addition to the policy that require passengers to wear face masks all the time from departure to arrival.

The recent spikes in the number of coronavirus infections in the Philippines has prompted the government and airlines themselves to impose stricter measures to prevent any transmission from the time passengers enter the airport of departure until they leave the airport of arrival.

No need for physical distancing on board

Despite the new policy of the use of face shields, aviation organizations and airlines have reiterated that transmission of any virus on board an aircraft is very low due to the air circulation on board which flows from top to bottom and the use of HEPA filters which catches 99.99% of contaminants including viruses.

Passengers can expect enhanced safety measures throughout the entire journey, including pre-flight, in-flight, and arrival processes. Guests are also advised to check and comply with measures implemented by local airport authorities for a smooth travel experience.

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