AirAsia flies home 60 Filipinos from Palau to Manila

Philippines AirAsia flew back to Manila 60 Filipinos and 2 Palauans in a repatriation flight arranged and chartered by the Philippine Consulate of Palau.

Photo credits: Steve Dailisan

One of the passenger, 18-year old Aira Jane Torres enrolled in a pre-med course in the Philippines. She said, "I want to give back to the Philippines. I want to help because I know we need more medical professionals. As a student, I will study what I need to study and hopefully volunteer in any initiatives I can to help."

She also said, "Flying in the new normal is a lot different because of the restrictions. Gladly, AirAsia’s crew were approachable and accommodating. They provided us with insights on what to expect and how we should practice safety upon arrival.”

The repatriation flight arrived in Manila last September 14, 2020.

Photo credits: Steve Dailisan

AirAsia Philippines CEO Ricky Isla said, "AirAsia will always be there, reaching out to every Filipino across the globe. The pandemic may have limited our movements, but we are one with you in charting a new dream, serving for the greater good or simply be an instrument of happy reunions."

The airline has mounted more than 600 repatriation and sweeper flights which have carried 50,000 Filipinos back to the Philippines. This is also the second repatriation flight of AirAsia to Palau.

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