How PAL, Singapore Airlines, and AirAsia maintain their grounded aircraft

 With the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic which caused a plummet in travel demand and travel restrictions, the airline industry had to reduce or even completely suspend their commercial operations.

Photo credits: Cielo Villaluna

Most of the aircraft had to be stored but this is not as easy as just parking it and covering their engines. There is still so much work to maintain stored aircraft as these have to be kept in complete flying condition.

This is where aircraft mechanics and technicians play a very huge role. These people continue to work even if aircraft are grounded as maintaining them is a very intricate process. A lot of work are done.

Channel News Asia now shows us how exactly do Philippine Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and AirAsia maintain their grounded or stored aircraft. This is where you will see the huge importance of aircraft mechanics and engineers in ensuring the safety of air travel.

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