Filipino flight attendant media brand Flyhigh Manila celebrates 7th founding anniversary

Our sister brand, Flyhigh Manila, is celebrating its 7th year anniversary. However due to the ongoing quarantine, there will be no big celebration. Flyhigh Manila is considered as the most popular Filipino cabin crew social media page as mentioned by A Fly Guy's Cabin Crew Lounge. Presently, Flyhigh Manila has 179k likes on Facebook with a present reach of 1.1 million people based on insights.

Flyhigh Manila was founded by Mond Ortiz and Albert Alday in October 29, 2013 as a company that organized flight attendant parties. Social media was merely a tool to market. However due to massive losses until 2015 which put the company to the verge of permanently shutting down, Flyhigh Manila had to change directions and move away from the FA parties.

In 2016, the company noticed a growth on its social media and decided slowly to become a lifestyle and media brand for Filipino flight attendants. All FA parties were discontinued except for the Halloween Ball until 2019.

Flyhigh Manila then strengthened its relations with the flight attendants and working relations with the airlines, particularly with Philippine Airlines, PAL Express, AirAsia Philippines, and Cebu Pacific.

Flyhigh Manila also further strengthened its social media presence by coming up with more content about flight attendants and inspirational for cabin crew aspirants.

Today, Flyhigh Manila is a digital content media brand all about Filipino flight attendants which is now operated by FH Media Productions, a company still owned by Mond Ortiz and Albert Alday. With a new branding a logo last 2019, the company no longer organizes flight attendant parties, instead, has focused its thrust on championing the Filipino flight attendants and inspiring our future Filipino cabin crew.

They are the most widely recognized brand and social media account on Filipino flight attendants with a far reach from the Philippines to Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the United States. 

Soon, Flyhigh Manila will be coming out with its very first merchandise which will be available in the market by this year.

Flyhigh Manila is present on Facebook (Flyhigh Manila), Instagram (FlyhighManila), and YouTube (Flyhigh Media). They also have a website 

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