LOOK: Singapore Airlines turns one of its A380 superjumbos into restaurant

 Last October 24 and 25, Singapore Airlines gave a chance to people who want to be on board their A380, without having to leave the ground. In order to further get back their loyal customers and new customers, the airline turned one of their grounded Airbus A380 superjumbos into a restaurant!

'Passengers' may even choose which section they want to dine in. So yes they may even experience how it is to be a first class passenger without having to pay for a full price ticket.

Check-out some pictures of Singapore Airlines A380 restaurant right at the Changi Airport.

Singapore Airlines crew hold a sign indicating the way to the boarding area during the Restaurant A380 @Changi Experience / Getty Images

Customers board the aircraft for their meal at the Restaurant A380 @Changi Experience operated by Singapore Airlines Ltd. at Changi Airport, Singapore, on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020. Singapore Airlines opened up Airbus SE A380 as temporary restaurants, offering dishes from its menu, two complimentary alcoholic drinks and free flow of other beverages. / Getty Images

A business class dining seat set up for viewing. / Getty Images

A cabin crew member serves a satay course. / Getty Images

A cabin crew member serves a satay course. / Getty Images

A couple link arms before eating their Economy Class meal during the Restaurant A380 @Changi Experience. / Getty Images

A family with young children eat their Economy Class meal with inflight entertainment. / Getty Images

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