Philippine Airlines' only dedicated cargo aircraft, the AW.660 Argosy

 When we think of Philippine Airlines aircraft, we think of passenger aircraft all the way. Little did others know, PAL actually had a dedicated or full-freighter aircraft, the British-made Armstrong Whiteworth AW.660 Argosy C.Mk 1. This was acquired by PAL in 1976 from the Royal Air Force and was used to expand the airline's cargo operations.

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The Argosy was delivered to PAL in camouflage scheme and was repainted to an almost all-white color until finally, it was repainted to this final color shown on top.

As mentioned, the Argosy was used by PAL as an all-cargo transporter, it was never used as a passenger aircraft though it can be converted to a civil transport aircraft. This was generally used to haul tuna and other products from General Santos and Davao City. It was pulled out of service on September 1981.

The AW.660 Argosy was a post-war transport and cargo aircraft of the British. It was also the final aircraft designed and produced by aircraft manufacturer Armstrong Whitworth. The Argosy was powered by four Rolls-Royce Dart RDa.8 Mk 101 turboprops. It had a range of 5,552km and had a maximum take-off weight of 47,627 kg.

PAL operated only one unit of this aircraft.

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