Riding an airplane is safer than grocery shopping according to studies

 Many people still do not feel that safe riding an airplane knowing that airlines do not empty the middle seat. However, a study done by Harvard University's T.H. Chan School of Public Health show flying is actually very safe, thanks to the aircraft's ventilation system and of course, the mandatory wearing of face mask policy.

Gary Sato

Cabin ventilation

Using computer-aided models in order to visualize the airflow and ventilation of an aircraft, the study showed that the ventilation systems can filter out 99% of airborne virus. 

The researched has proven that while airflow circulates in the cabin, these passes through HEPA filters which catch airborne viruses like the coronavirus with 99.97% efficiency. 50% fresh air is injected while 50% is recirculated.

The air flow inside the cabin moves from top to bottom, hence, human droplets do not spread across but moves down right away.

Wearing of face masks and bio-security measures done at airports alone have also further reduced the risk of contamination on board an aircraft.

US Defense Department Study

The Harvard study was done in-line with the US Defense Department which used mannequins with face masks and particle detection sensors in order to prove how safe it is to fly. According to the study, risk of transmission is almost non-existent considering the aircraft ventilation system and the other security measures.

The research also showed that an average of .003% of infected particles have crossed into the breathing zone when seated inside and aircraft and wearing face mask.

Watch this video below:

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