FA Christine Dacera's message during International Flight Attendants Day

 Flight Attendant Christine Dacera, also known as Aica to her family, and Ica to her flight attendant colleagues, was indeed a cabin crew who is larger than life. It was indeed her greatest passion and dream to be a flight attendant which she achieved at a young age.

More than that, she loved to share this passion to others particularly to our aspiring cabin crew through her social media and through Flyhigh Manila. 

She was an avid follower of Flyhigh Manila from the beginning until the end.

Last May 2020 during International Flight Attendant's Day, FA Ica shared an inspirational message for all her flight attendant colleagues.

This was her message shared over Flyhigh Manila and her social media account last May 31, 2020.

I still can’t believe we’re almost in the half of year 2020.

Excited for the days when I’ll wake up for the earliest flight with just 2-3 hrs of sleep and 30 mins prep because I slept through my alarm. Excited to wear makeup and flaunt that uniform and heels like we’re on a runway across the airport grounds. Excited to eat that MSG filled crew meal. Excited to catch up with my co-crew in the galley where we hide away from demanding pax. Excited to see trembling pax after a light turbulence. And excited to go home to get some rest after that excruciating flight but end up pigging out with my co-crew instead.
Most of the time, we tend to focus on big things and complicate everything for ourselves, and before we know it, those little “everyday routine” moments get taken away from us.
I know the past two months have been depressing and awful, but at the end of the day, there is still a million reasons to smile. So go get that ice cream and share it with someone, kiss your mom good night, text a friend about some silly things you did back then, grab that book and lay on the grass, sit on your window and witness the sunset.
If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to appreciate little things in life that make you happy. 

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