KLM letting go of 500 flight attendants, 100 pilots

 So it seems like turbulent skies will take longer. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has announced that it is letting go of 1,000 more employees which includes 500 flight attendants, 100 pilots, and 200 to 400 ground crew.

If we can remember, KLM slashed 5,000 jobs last July 2020 on the premise that the industry would be able to recover in 2021. However with the ongoing circumstance, it seems like things may not go as expected. In a report from Ch-Aviation, KLM said in a statement, "KLM has repeatedly warned that this recovery might be delayed, which means a downgrading of the scenario and consequently the loss of more jobs. The current reality is that the recovery of long-haul traffic will be delayed longer than anticipated, primarily due to existing and new international measures and travel restrictions."

The latest travel restrictions have also impacted the airline as a result of a new strain of Covid-19 virus which was said to originate from the United Kingdom. From January 22 of this year, KLM has suspended weekly long-haul flights after the government imposed a travel ban on flights from 17 countries in South America, Africa, and the United Kingdom, in an effort to prevent the spread of new strains of COVID-19.

KLM Chief Executive Officer Pieter Elbers said that various instruments were made available as part of a social plan to employees who were laid off last year, following intensive consultation and cooperation with all social partners. “These adjustments were very painful but successful. I have every faith we will resolve these new challenges together once more,” Elbers said.

Should this new retrenchment take place, this will bring the KLM job losses close to 6,000.

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