Never ever stereotype flight attendants

 Anything can happen in any industry. Just lately, Flyhigh Manila has been receiving private messages from some aspirants that their parents are stopping them from pursuing their goal to be a cabin crew because these parents would say "flight attendants are party animals..." and so on. We have even read comments that cabin crew members are wild. Really sick, indeed so sick.

In a world where social media has taken control over the lives of many, people are now mislead through the proliferation of fake news and false accusations, creating misinformation. The harsh reality is that many people nowadays are as gullible as a fish, coming to believe that whatever they see with their own eyes is what it really is, without having to think and analyze. That's why they get caught.

Let me share this coming from an OUTSIDER's point of view, from someone who never became a cabin crew, despite being a co-founder of the world's most popular Filipino cabin crew social brand, Flyhigh Manila.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I have worked for several industries and I have been part of different organizations. I have seen the good side and ills of the people who work in those industries.

To those parents and loved ones saying "do not become a flight attendant because of this and that and this and that...", never ever brainwash your child or loved one by stereotyping flight attendants. Anything can happen, for that matter, in ANY industry.

I worked for the sales department of some industries and I have seen colleagues gain huge deals in exchange of sex with their clients who are actually married. Did we ever say "do not become a sales agent because sales agents offer sex for a deal?" Being in the corporate world outside the airline industry, I have seen the best and worst of both worlds. 

Party animals? Yes, there are a LOT of people from other industries who are even bigger party animals, and yes they party until 10am! I know this because I was once a club DJ and this was the world I revolved in before.

Being a party animal knows no industry. Real estate, telco, aviation, retail, etc. Name it, you've got it! And guess what too, I have seen the hosts of a popular kiddie show party hard to the bone until the wee-hours in the morning, really wild! Did we ever say "do not work for the real estate industry because you will become nothing but a party head?"

Lets not forget too, students! Go to YouTube and search for "AD HOC". You will see how students party hard! Did we ever say "don't go to school anymore because you will become a party animal?"

Remember that Bangladesh Bank Heist in 2016 which involved a bank manager from a local bank? This became a global news, but did we ever say "do not work for the banking industry because people in the banks are corrupt?"

So do not go stereotype flight attendants because again, anything can happen in any industry.

This is not about defending the ills in these industry, this is about making false generalizations about a particular industry or set of people based on just one isolated case.

I do not want also to dwell on the negative aspects of these industries but I am sharing these to make you aware that not all careers or industries as squeaky clean. 

Sad also that people come out with false generalizations on flight attendants with just one unfortunate incident where we have forgotten some incidents which makes one proud to be a flight attendant.

This is a true story and I know this because I personally know the flight attendant before.

A flight attendant and her family where at the beach one day. Suddenly, a stranger was spotted to be drowning. The lifeguards dashed to rescue the guy and was unconscious. The flight attendant saw the incident herself, left her family, and went to the unconscious guy who drowned in the beach. The flight attendant applied what she learned from training, doing cycles of CPR until the guy gained consciousness before being rushed to a nearby hospital. 

Remember that story where a flight attendant breastfed the crying baby of a passenger? How about those flight attendants who hand fed disabled passengers? How about those stories of flight attendants organizing a program to provide free food and refreshments to our frontliners like medical workers, policemen, grocery workers, etc., during the middle of the lockdown?

Why don't we instead say "you should still become a flight attendant because flight attendants have this second nature of being selfless", or maybe "you should become a cabin crew because you are trained to be of service to others."

Lets always dwell on the positive side of every industry, and raise your child with an upright character. Not all flight attendants like to party, there are some who love the outdoors, there are some who are home buddies, and there are even some who are entrepreneurs and devote their time to growing their businesses. This also goes for other industries outside the airline industry.

So please, before you think of stereotyping flight attendants and those who work for the airline industry, go out and see the reality of other industries. 

At the end of the day, we are all human beings. We make mistakes. We are not perfect. Enough of the false generalizations.

If your child or loved one wants to become a flight attendant, push them to turn their dream into a reality. Guide them. Show them the good side of becoming one where becoming a flight attendant is all about service to others, and as Mahatma Gandhi once said, "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

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